At Metropolitan School we believe that every child has a talent. Our role is to help them to discover and nurture it.

Our school clubs are an essential part of our students’ learning. They offer the opportunity to explore areas of interest and develop their skills and talents further.

Arts & Crafts

Students will use their skilled hand and their creative mind to create different crafts. Students will also be expected to evaluate their craft and sell their crafts among their friends.






DIY ( Do it Yourself) Club

Students will be enabled to create artworks and crafts in a short time interval.






Book Club


Students will have a comfortable space to explore books that interest them, enhance their understanding of various subjects, and participate in fun group reading activities.








Students in the gardening club will use their environmental knowledge to produce and sustain a small garden. Through the use of recycling and their imagination the students will be able to make planters and pots to grow herbs and vegetables.





Scout Club

Creating a Scout team of students where they will form a guidance structure of maintaining the organization of school events.





Glee Club

Students will spend each week learning about voice, performance, harmonization, and what it means to have a great stage presence. They will spend each week learning and rehearsing group songs in the pop/rock/music theater genre as well as basic dance and choreography. The children will collaborate with their instructor and build a live show at the end of each term. This is a fun way for your child to discover their inner pop/rock star.




Entrepreneurship Club

Complementing our MetBiz curriculum, students will develop a business concept that could have a practical use and application in the real world. Students will develop a business plan, learn how to manage a company’s finances, market their products and services, and develop a comprehensive presentation for their business idea.





Met Serve Club


Designed as a parallel implementation to one of the main school pillars which is community service, to engage the Met students in charitable projects and services in different fields. Our students design projects and initiatives that will positively impact their community, and guided by the highly regarded Prosperity Index.





Reader’s Theater

Students will learn how to bring short stories to life with dramatic reenactments of what they discover within the pages of a short storybook.








Designed to explore science, technology, engineering, and math, our STEM club will develop a love of these subjects through practical experiments, group work, discussion, and reflection but, most of all, through fun.




Design Technology Club

Students will develop their designing and making skills as they acquire a broad range of subject knowledge including design thinking, CAD, CAM, and materials technology. They also develop critical skills in problem-solving, innovation, and team-working.

The specialist subjects that we will be able to offer within this CCA period are Jewelry, Design and Textiles Design Technologies.




Little Stark (STEAM)

The activities are designed to foster 21st-century learning (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication) using S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) education through an international franchise CHALLENGE ISLAND®.






First Island is the AMUSEMENT PARK [ISLAND!]

In this challenging island, you and a[tribe full] of friends will design and build your own roller coasters, rockets, and

[much] more at our exciting destinations like Roller Coaster Cliff, Zipline

Zone, and Rocket Heights!! This journey is full of thrill rides and exciting [destinations. You] don’t want to miss out!







In Robotics: Students will get to know about the different types of robots. Students will begin by building a simple robot which will be more complex throughout the rest of the 3 levels. Students will begin by building a simple robot & will be more complex throughout the rest of the 6 levels. Students will learn the basics of programming. Students will learn different kinds of sensors, how they work and how to use them in different applications and will also learn to make advanced programming to make the robots do tough missions and tasks and try to win challenges.


Drama Club

In Met drama club students will participate in mini skits, create props, and put on an end of the quarter production. Students will learn about acting, play production, and stage work. Students learn valuable skills that can be used in the classroom like memorization. Students will also be a valuable member of a team learning how to cooperate with peers of all ages. Most importantly drama is fun.





MetScience Club

Over the last term in MetScience Club grade 1 & 2 pupils have learned about forces and how they affect the flight of an object. They witnessed these forces in action by experimenting with flight, powered: the making of a hot air balloon; rotary: making and dropping of paper helicopters from the top of the building; and gliding: building and flying their own design of a paper airplane.





Movie Club


Students will watch and discuss movies. They will practice many skills that complement reading comprehension – talking about predictions, characters, genre, setting, etc. – as well as analyzing aspects more specific to film – how sound/music affects mood/tone, visual cues, etc.  Students will also broaden their appreciation for different kinds of movies, as well as practice skills in determining how to select a movie, such as watching trailers and checking critic responses/ratings.




Cooking Club ( Shermeen’s Salads)


Children will learn about the different food groups, the nutritional value of foods, kitchen safety, cooking vocabulary, how to follow a recipe, cooking techniques, and food presentation.  A Mystery Basket Competition is held in the final week of class. NOTE:  Due to the popularity of this activity, it is offered on two separate days. Children will choose to attend EITHER Sunday or Tuesday.





Cheer-leading Club


Children will form a cheer-leading team for Metropolitan School. They will learn master motions, cheers, jumps, tumbling, formations, stunts, and routines and perform at various school events.






Music Club


Students will be supported and guided to explore musical instruments and concepts as they develop a love and appreciation of this subject.






Clothes Making Club


This activity will teach students about how clothes are made and will focus on the process of design.  We will first look at what clothes they wear and see what kind of clothes they would like to wear.  I will show them some examples of clothing that I have created from actual pieces of clothing.  The students will then have to go on a journey to find out how to draw a design, measure the proper lengths, cut material that will fit the design, put the pieces together, and sew them to make a new article of clothing.  At the end of the activity, I would like to have a small fashion show showing off all of the new types of clothing that has been created.




Shirley Shalaby Academy

A specialized academy of teaching yoga, etiquette, modeling, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tango, and piano.








Newsletter club


A newspaper club is designed not only to be the means to disseminate information but also is the voice of the student body.






Debate Club

Students will explore the debate skills in terms of proposing different topics of interest and working on viewing them from different perspectives, in which their linguistic and writing skills will be highly enhanced.






CrossFit Club

Students will practice a type of strength and conditions workout that uses body weight for resistance in order to build power all over.







Met Dance aims to provide a space that encouraged our students to feel comfortable using the body as a medium for self-expression. The children explore different types of dance to include Pop mainstream, Hip Hop, and period dances such as the Shim Sham Ballet, Contemporary, Body Percussion, and Jive. Choreography and all creative input are open to all participants and ideas are welcome about the choice of music. We encourage good health and fitness by taking part in warm-ups, public performances, confidence workshops, and cooldowns. Our boys and girls are committed to attending all sessions as they understand that to make a well-synchronized performance, Met dance has to function as a tight-knit unit.





 Students will develop basic fundamental basketball skills, learn the rules of the sport, and practice what they learn.







Students will learn the basics of playing soccer, learn about teamwork, good sportsmanship, and practice their soccer playing skills.





Reds Football Academy

Reds are aiming to provide a platform to maximize the young players’ potential in football, education, and life.








Students will develop basic fundamental rugby skills, learn the rules of the sport, and practice what they learn.




Students will be introduced to the practice of yoga, with a focus on the breath and balancing the body and mind. They will learn some basic postures, routines, and relaxation meditation. Yoga aids in removing stress from the practitioner’s life, the “yogis” are encouraged to continue to apply the relaxation techniques in their daily life.






Students will build strength and confidence through stimulating programs, to support children’s physical [and]

emotional development. Classes combine Physical Education and Gymnastics methods while encouraging the children’s natural adventurous spirit






A club with a strong focus on identifying and developing sporting talents.  In the early years, we encourage all students to try every sport on offer, slowly leading them to specialize in later years.  We will work in partnership with parents as well as local and international sporting organizations. Children must already be able to swim to a reasonable standard. They will train in the various strokes and a Met Swim Team will be developed from those participating in this CCA.


Swim American Academy

The famous swimming school that provides qualified and experienced swimming coaches throughout its various branches.








Ippon Judo Academy

Judo is more than just a sport. As a sport that has evolved from a fighting art, it develops complete body control, fine balance, and fast reflexive action. Many, it’s an art, a means of discipline, a social activity, self-defense ( if the need arises), fitness, or simply a way of life.






American Football Club

Students will learn the fundamentals of the sport of American football.  They will run, catch and kick the ball, and learn the rules of the game.  They will also play six on six games.





First Aid

Children will learn the basics of first aid, assessing injuries, and CPR.






Zumba Club


Students will learn the basics of Zumba as they exercise and improve their fitness. By the end of the sessions students should be able to perform Zumba on stage.






Children have targeted instruction according to their areas of weakness as specified by their homeroom teachers. It is recommended any child experiencing negative or poor MAP growth attend this CCA.






Children will have a specialist teacher and be assessed for entry into the DELF program (Diploma of Study in the French Language)







Teaching the fundamentals of the written and spoken Arabic language.







The study of ancient Egyptian architecture, inscriptions, language, customs, etc.





Hand Writing (Cursive)

Children will practice either pre-cursive or cursive writing depending on their grade level. They will perfect letter formation and increase their writing speed.






Children will have a specialist teaching according to their areas of weakness as specified by their homeroom teachers. It is recommended that any child experiencing negative or poor MAP growth attend this activity.





Sign Language

Children will learn the basics of American Sign Language.






Chess Club

An edutainment activity-based learning where the students’ cognitive and mental skills are highly developed.







Slimnastics is the first private professional ballet school in Egypt, established in 2013.
Offering a wide variety of classes including aerobics (ladies only) held by certified professional instructors, gymnastics for girls and boys, and known for their rigorous Ballet School curriculum supervised by Orlando Russian Ballet company in the US.
Slimnastics has 3 branches across Cairo with a goal to create an inviting space for women and children to positively change their lives through exciting activities.
Excited about this new stepping stone, we have teamed up with Metropolitan School to bring gymnastics teachings to a whole new level. With a state of the art facility and equipment.

To contact Slimnastics regarding their services (fees &schedule) and to sign up your children for gymnastics, feel free to reach out through the following methods:

For more information, please contact us on 01100626281, or via

Social Media: Facebook Page & Instagram Profile