Latest News

  • Celebrating our awesome top readers!

    As part of our, I Love Reading Initiative, we are hosting weekly reading competitions. Every week, we will be celebrating the student from each KG2-Grade 5 class that read the most minutes and the class that read the most combined minutes! Reading every day is crucial to our student’s academic

  • Letter Z

    Today in KG2 Aqua student’s learned all about the letter Z. They looked at different words and animals starting with the letter Z and made an art craft “Z is for zebra” Great job Students!

  • Welcome back to all of our lovely students

    Metropolitan welcomed Pre-K to G2 back to campus. We are so excited to have them back!  The school was so boring and quiet without them. Welcome back to all of our lovely students.

  • Celebrating Police Day

    Metropolitan School would like to greet all its families on the occasion of celebrating the national ‘Police Day’ marked on the 25th of January 2021. Metropolitan School will be closed and offline E-learning to mark this occasion on Thursday, January 28th, 2021and will resume with its normal working hours on

  • E-learning

    Thanks to our teachers, students, and parents for their continuous effort in partnership and commitment to keep our community a respectful, responsible, and safe environment during this pandemic. The 2nd E-learning week was extraordinary and smooth. Looking forward to the 3rd E-learning week