Latest News

  • Met PTA Family Trip to AlFayoum

    Met PTA was pleased to celebrate the first-ever Met Family Trip to AlFayoum. On our monthly meeting post, we proudly acknowledged all the special efforts by fellow parents and Met staff. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing teamwork from all the fantastic volunteers! Looking forward to future family

  • Musical literacy

    Today students from Grade 1 enjoyed developing their musical literacy and sense through joining music activities and playing with musical instruments. Well done Grade 1 students!

  • Parrots Activity

    During Cultural Awareness in Met Values classes, Grade 2 learned about two cultures, one of them is the Brazilian. The scarlet macaw parrot is one of the most popular parrots and most recognizable thanks to its bright red, yellow, and blue plumage. It can be found in several areas of

  • Picasso and Cubism

    Today in grade 3 Art class we fiddled with some Picasso Cubist portraits. The students followed the steps accurately, et voila 🙌🏼 The project is spanned over 2-3 lessons: 1) initial drawing and coloring 2) fine-tuning and outlining Today’s lesson touched on 2 of the California state standards for visual arts.

  • Metropolitan in Time Magazine

    Metropolitan School was honored to welcome journalist Stephanie Harl for an exclusive interview to share our input in the article “Why invest in Egypt?” The article was published in ‘TIME’ magazine in relation to the educational sector in Egypt and how we are willing to move forward towards Egypt 2030