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  • Toys and Play module

    During the Toys and Play module, students designed and used to recycle materials to make their own toys. Students worked on describing their favorite toy using the vocabulary words { Texture, Color, and Shape } The toy will be used in our coming weeks for numerous extension activities. Great Job!

  • Quarter 1 Honor Roll

    We are proud to announce the academic excellence of our Met students! The Quarter 1 Honor Roll was based on the overall GPA (Grade Point Average). The Honor Roll starts at 3.7 and above and means that any Honor Roll student has a grade average of 90%/A- and above across

  • “Body Awareness” Workshop

    For the past couple of weeks, the School’s Social Counselor has been conducting a “Body Awareness“ Workshop across Grades 1,2, and 3. The workshop was designed to help the youngest students to understand that their feelings in response to touches are important to their staying safe. It was also targeting

  • Recognizing and naming classroom musical instruments

    The topic this week is recognizing and naming classroom musical instruments. Students will explore a variety of musical instruments and also discover the differences in sounds: higher/lower, faster/slower, louder/softer, same/different, and longer/shorter sounds.

  • Food Chains

    In science class, Grade 3 students worked with food chains, describing organisms’ ecological relationships to one another. Food chains illustrate predator-prey relationships and how energy is transferred. There is no better way to understand food chains than to make your own food chain. Third graders took the opportunity to learn