Latest News

  • Early childhood Parent/Teacher Conference

    Metropolitan school held its first early childhood Parent/Teacher Conference day on the 21/22 academic year. Parent/Teacher Conferences are conducted where student achievement data is shared with parents along with techniques to supplement academic growth at home.

  • An extraordinary day in the history of Egypt

    The sixth of October is an extraordinary day in the history of Egypt. It signifies a great day of victory. It is a day of glory and dignity. Metropolitan students participated in a day of celebration to commemorate Victory Day. Students participated through performances that included singing Egyptian songs, dressing

  • Grade 10 French class

    During French class, Grade 10 students expressed images and explained situations using questions.

  • Algebraic Reasoning

    In Math class, Grade 7 finished their first Chapter (Algebraic Reasoning) by creating a Flip booklet to summarize and reflect on their understanding of the major concepts that were addressed in that chapter.

  • Bonne rentrĂ©e scolaire

    Bonne rentrĂ©e scolaire!! We sing a lot in our French class!  On the first day, we learned a Bonjour Song! Bonjour mes amis, bonjour! The students met our famous puppet “Mademoiselle Souris” and the magic bag “Le Baluchon”. Looking forward to an extraordinary year!!!