Cafeteria/Food Services

Metropolitan School is providing the catering services of Food Job. Our meals are healthy and designed to nurture your children with the energy required to help them get through the day.

Did you know that your child’s food preferences generally develop during childhood? Once your child hits adolescence, their eating habits will become more difficult to change. Since your child has at least one snack or meal at school daily, you can see how the school environment plays an important role in nurturing and sustaining good eating habits. The healthy meals at Met do just that – providing well-balanced meals at your child’s school cafeteria.

Early Childhood students are entitled to purchase a monthly Hot Meal package. This package includes a daily fresh hot main course, a starter, and dessert. All our food are prepared with healthy ingredients. No fried food, no processed food, little salt, adequate sugar for desserts.

Grades 1- 7 students are entitled to charge their prepaid cards with a minimum of 200 EGP (non- refundable till the end of the academic year) to purchase the hot meal or other items from the All Day Menu. Hot meals are optional for G1-G6. However, the hot meals for Gr.1- G 7 are offered with the same price for the early childhood package, yet the meal contains bigger portions of the main course only (vegetables, carb and protein) and does not include the starter nor the dessert. Please share with us any special medical attention: allergies, diabetes.

Payment :

If you wish to subscribe your child to the Hot Meal Monthly Package, our accounts department will be happy to welcome you and receive the monthly payment between the 22nd and until the 28th of each month. Payments after the mentioned date will not be accepted.

It’s the parents’ responsibility to check on a frequent basis and monitor the their child(rens’) cafeteria account balance by contacting the accounts department to avoid insufficient money in the card. The cafeteria/ school will not sell food or any products with insufficient or zero balance in the student’s cafeteria account.

Food Allergies

Metropolitan School will not serve nuts. However, it is very important that you fill out the school medical form and all the proper documentation requested by the school doctor.

Can I send my child with a lunch and snack?

The daily hot meals are optional for children from Pre-K to Grade 7. You may send your child with a lunch and a snack from home ensuring the following are not included in the lunch bags: Fizzy drinks, bottled drinks, Red Bull, packaged chips, chocolate, candy, pop tarts or any other snack that the school deems unhealthy.

Students who bring unhealthy snacks to school will have them confiscated and those snacks WILL NOT be returned to the student.

Healthy Snacks Examples

Fresh fruit or vegetables, cheese, trail mix, pretzels, plain yoghurt, popcorn, whole grain cereal, crackers…

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