Dear Parents,

Welcome!  At Metropolitan School, we believe everyone deserves a quality education. This is essential to a happy, productive and successful life.  Quality education as well as quality relationships enable us to move forward in whatever endeavor we set our sights on. Our collective vision at Metropolitan School is clear: Inspiring a generation of engaged thinkers, ethical citizens and global entrepreneurs.  It is my hope that everyone we meet observes and experiences our vision in a positive and transparent way.When our core values and principles align, we are powerful beyond measure. When this alignment is present we will always be able to accomplish things beyond our collective vision. This is fundamental to success.

If we share and respect the vision, together we will find common ground to build healthy, enduring relationships for moving forward with our shared goals. Understanding this is vital to the successful accomplishment of our intended purpose and goal: to provide the very best education for our students.  Respecting the vision allows relationships between learners, teachers, parents and school administrators to develop and prosper.

We at Metropolitan encourage all who come through our door to be inspired and motivated by our shared vision.  Reaching beyond our fundamental goals and purpose helps ensure a quality life. At Metropolitan we strive for this quality and excellence. Anything less is simply not an option for us.


We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Executive Director

Kenneth Webley