Dear Parents,

We believe a quality education is, much like breathing, essential to a quality life, every person needs one, & every person deserves one.

We believe that relationships are the vehicle that moves a quality education forward or backwards.

When our cores align we are powerful beyond measure, and we will always be enabled to do things beyond our collective capacity.

Quality Education and quality Relationships are why we exist. It is my hope that everybody we meet sees us for what we are in a very transparent way. I also hope that everyone we work with shares this fundamental vision.

If we don’t share it, at least we must respect it. If we can’t at least respect it, it’s vital that we understand that we will not be able to relate.

If we cant relate, we have no vehicle to move. If we can’t move we won’t be able to accomplish even basic ends.

If we can’t reach our fundamental purpose, like breathing, I/we are going to die.

We don’t want that for you. We won’t accept that for Metropolitan.

Executive Director

Kenneth Webley