“Organizational effectiveness ultimately hinges on the development of a collective mission/vision. I have led schools through the process of identifying these two critical pieces of a strategic plan in two continents. Additionally, I am dedicated to creating a learning environment that is data-driven, student-focused and professionally collaborative.”

Mr. Webley’s background is brimming with relevant educational experiences at the primary and secondary levels. He is deeply committed to improving academic achievement and life-long learning skills for all students and has a history of doing just that. He has expertise in curriculum design, learning modalities, and effective delivery of instruction.

Mr. Webley has been leading schools for 25 years and has a plethora of professional experiences both in the U.S. and abroad. He was the founding Director of Habitude, Inc. in Florida. He was most recently at Adesoye College in Central Nigeria where they moved the collective performance into the top 5% in the Nation! Currently, he is working on infusing character development into the core curriculum.

Mr. Webley received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (BA) from Bethune-Cookman University, a Master of Education (M.Ed) and Specialist (Ed.S) degrees from Florida Atlantic University, and is presently completing his Doctor of Education (Ed.D) with Johns Hopkins University.

Mr. Webley is a well known motivational speaker, and was named Educator of the Year in two separate school systems. Mr. Webley has received numerous recommendations for his work in school administration, the vision and mission process, and school accreditation.

In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, camping, chess and music. He also loves spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, experiencing new learning opportunities, and traveling.

Mr. Kenneth Webley

Executive Director