Metropolitan School is being founded by a family with over 60 years of experience in the private education sector in Egypt.

Initially led by the late Mr Fouad Habib, who was recognised for his contribution to education throughout his career, the family has consistently contributed to improving the standard of education in Egypt.  Mr Fouad Habib was first honoured by President Gamal Abd El-Nasser and then, in 1979, he was awarded with the pioneer of private education badge of honour by President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat.

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Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib continued the family’s vision, updating the curriculum by incorporating new technology and encouraging his teachers to instil a love of learning by introducing an enquiry rather than memorisation philosophy into the schools. Dr. Habib is the representative of private schools in Cairo, a position he has held for more than 15 years, in recognition of his contribution to educational improvement.

Metropolitan School will be led by a new generation of this family, Mr. Seif Sameh, who aims to continue the journey of continuous improvement started by his Grandfather.  Recognizing the need to build an international perspective, Metropolitan School will offer the American Curriculum whilst ensuring that its values are firmly grounded in the traditions of the Egyptian culture.  It is this unique combination, which, the family believes, will deliver an outstanding education for tomorrow’s leaders.

The school’s curriculum has been developed in partnership with Dubai based education consultants, BBD Education, who bring with them more than 20 years of international education experience.