Field trips are part of the learning experience. They are planned as an extension of the classroom curriculum.

During the Academic year 2016/17, our students had several field trips reflecting our 3 main values; Citizenship, Entrepreneurship & Community Service.

Trip to El Nafeza Foundation For Contemporary Art & Development

Grade 3 had a great learning Experience that will be shared and kept with them for the rest of their lives.They enjoyed and had a deeper understanding of the natural resources.They also learnt how can they wisely use them for the benefit of their community. Our students were excited to learn how to revive the paper-making industry in Egypt.They had the opportunity to work with people who are physically disable and see how gifted they are working in such field.This showed our parents that nothing can hold us back no matter what type of disabilities or shortcomings we may face in life.

Trip to Pyramids

Our students have learned about the ancient Egyptian hertiage while going on a trip to the pyramids.They started to understand how old Egyptians bury and mummify the dead,how kings were glorified in this huge civilization,by the way heir bodies are positioned and preserved inside the pyramids,and many other ancient aspects of this mysterious life.

Trip to Family Park

Met students enjoyed learning about the five senses and seeing different animals during their visit to Family Park

Trip to the Fire Station

Our KG2 students have experienced a day at the fire station where they have learned about how the fire fighting process goes and how to behave during the fire drills.They also got exposed to the equipment and substances used in fire fighting.


Trip to Nemo Farm

KG1 students had a great time at the farm,where they got to see different kinds of farm animals and explore different available art techniques.


Trip to the Pharaonic Village

During Egypt Week, Metropolitan Elementary students visited the Pharaonic Village where they got to know how Egyptians lived during the Pharaonic Era. They also took a tour in the Nile and saw a presentation about the different kings who ruled Pharaonic Egypt and the various handcrafts and industries during this Era. The students visited a miniature replica of Luxor Abu Simble Temple. Metropolitan’s trip to the Pharaonic Village was an engaging experience that introduced our students to Egypt’s great history.

Pharaonic Village 10

Trip to Al-Forqan Orphanage

In our continued effort to be good citizens, Metropolitan School visited Al-Forqan Orphanage in Nasr City. Our recent ‘Clothing Drive’ generated many items for donation which the children were happy to distribute to the young residents. Grade 1 Navy raised money from their Valentine’s Candy Gram project which was used to buy back-packs. The orphanage said they were in much need of essential cleaning products and items of food. The funds raised at the ‘Winter Wonderland’ show, originally planned for the purchase of winter blankets, were used to provide what they needed.

Forkan 4

Trip to MonZoo

The KG classes and Grade 1 have been studying the theme of animals, their habitats and what they eat. We all enjoyed a day together at Monzoo feeding the different animals and learning about where they may live in the wild. We saw a giant tortoise, ostriches, monkeys and many beautiful birds. Students also explored how to care for pets and the differences between pets and wild animals. After the trip students were asked to share zoo animal stories! It was a fun and joyful day for everyone!

MonZoo Trip

Trip to KidZania Cairo

Re-enforcing our student’s entrepreneurial spirit, second, third, and fourth grades classes visited KidZania Cairo this month where they had the opportunity to live in a real kid-sized complete city. They experienced variety of jobs and different hands on activities. It was a great way to introduce the children to the concept of earning, saving, and spending money and helps them understand the value of money in a fun environment.

KidZania Trip 4

Trip to the Opera House

3rd grade visited the Opera House to see a classical rendition of Peter and the Wolf. Students fulfilled the music standard that requires learning the proper etiquette for attending a musical performance. 3rd and 4th grade both passed with flying colors.

Trip to Sitara Theater

‘Being a good friend’ and ‘Helping others’ has been an integral part of our first term at Met. Sitara Theater helped us to reinforce this message through their production of Cinderella. KGI, KGII Grade 1& 2 all enjoyed a musical story telling performance of this classic tale told with a modern twist. Some children volunteered to take the stage and perform small parts in the show.

Trip to Sitara


Trip to Panorama 6 of October

Met’s 3rd grade class visited the Panorama 6 of October museum for our first field trip. The students were able to see actual tanks and fighter planes that were used during the war. The students learned about Egypt’s role in the battle and were filled with pride for their country. As a class we wrote about our visit and what it meant to them. Panorama 6th of October Trip