Metropolitan teachers are committed to instilling a love of learning within students with the aim of inspiring every student to reach their full potential. Metropolitan expects teachers to have:

  • – Strong academic backgrounds related to their field of specialization, with preference given to graduates of North American accredited colleges and universities.
  • – Teaching credentials relevant to their field specialization, with preference given to U.S. teacher certification.
  • – Teaching experience commensurate to their teaching assignment, with preference given to teachers with two or more years of experience.
  • – Commitment to on-going professional development.
  • – Willingness to actively support and be involved in co-curricular activities.

Adam Balls
PE Teacher/Tests Coordinator

Adam graduated from St Marys College Twickenham in 2005 with an honours degree in Physical Education. After graduation he was initially employed by British Aerospace as a Recreational and Leadership Instructor, responsible for all aspects of adventurous training.

Inspired by this experience, Adam decided to pursue a career in the education sector. He successfully completed his Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Brunel University in West London and went on to teach in multiple schools in the inner city of London and Northern England. Adam gained extensive experience with a wide variety of students with differing abilities and backgrounds all presenting their own specific challenges. He was also responsible for successfully introducing new sports to school curriculum.

Outside of the formal education sector, Adam has been involved with a number of community projects including mentoring for the London Youth Games, and coaching youth and senior rugby teams. He has also represented his home county at Rugby Union.

Adam is a qualified climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and rugby coach. When he is not at work he is an active cyclist, SCUBA diver, and mountaineer.  Enjoying the outdoor life is his main passion outside of education, and it is always his goal to incorporate the two.


Adrian Jones
KG2 White Teacher

Adrian completed a BA Honours in Sociology with Management at Royal Holloway, University of London, in 2002 before undertaking a one year Masters Degree (MA) in Social and Political Thought at Sussex University,Brighton, in 2003. In 2005-7 Adrian did an MA in Social Work, specializing in Children and Families.

Following this he worked for Child Protection Teams in Swansea and Nottingham, and for a Children’s Disability Team in Essex. He worked as a social worker for 6 years.

Adrian decided to switch careers to become a teacher and is now a qualified teacher. He has lived in the Middle East for 3 years living in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. Adrian has travelled round Europe, Africa, South America and South East Asia.

Adrian has two daughters, the second has recently arrived, and outside of school they do lots of activities as a family. Adrian enjoys playing football, the occasional game of rugby, together with swimming and running, as well as reading and cooking. He also likes to visit museums and galleries.


Alicia Berry
Grade 1 Aqua Teacher-Grade 1 Team Leader

Alicia finished her BS in Psychology at High Point University.Following this she obtained an MA degree in Elementary Education from The Johns Hopkins University.

She has extensive experience teaching language arts, mathematics, and African American history.

Her main hobbies are reading, singing, and trying new foods. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as playing softball and bike riding.


Asmaa Mohamed Fayez
Arabic Teacher


Caine Webster
KG2 Turquoise Teacher

Caine completed a BA in Sociology, English, and Cultural Studies at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He then completed a BA (Honors).

Following this he obtained a Graduate Certificate from the University of Western Australia, during his final of six years as a teacher in South Korea.

He has extensive experience teaching ages 5 to 55, primarily in ESL. After arriving in Cairo in August 2015, he has taught grades four and five. His understanding of behavioral management has allowed him to excel with difficult classes.

Caine enjoys writing poetry and is a published poet. He has a book of collected pieces currently being considered for publishing in the USA. He also enjoys hiking and has extensive experience wandering mountains in Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.


Ceri Lewis
KG2 Maroon Teacher

Ms. Ceri comes from Wales in the UK and have lived in Cairo for 4 years. She have taught various grade levels but especially love the Early Childhood age.

She attended Bangor University where she achieved a Bachelors degree in Education specializing in 3 to 7 year old.

She enjoys going to the gym and ballet classes. Reading and taking care of her two dogs brings her much joy.


Danielle McGivern
Grade 1 Red Teacher

Danielle finished her Bachelor of Arts with 1st class honours at Otago University, New Zealand. She is currently working towards her Masters in International Education.

She has extensive experience teaching writing and reading comprehension to upper elementary students.

Her main hobbies are reading, and yoga. She is also an avid hiker, a passion she picked up while living in New Zealand.

Dina Ezzat Banoub
Science Co-Teach

Dina started her life in an international school out of town, then finished her Bachler degree in pharmacy from Ain Shams University in Cairo, since then Dina was working as a science teacher at different international schools. She has 8 years’ experience, and currently working towards her Masters in International Education. Dina loves to teach science and can be teaching it all day.

My main hobbies are fashion designing and Drawing.

Diallo Djalikatou
French Teacher

Dalika moved to Egypt in 2010 when she started her teaching experience in early childhood. She have enjoyed getting to know different cultures and people from around the world during her time here. Ms. Dalika worked in several NGOs for women and children of Africa, in Guinea Conakry (West Africa). She graduated in 2006 and French is her first language.

She is very excited to be a part of the team and community at Metropolitan school and look forward to an extraordinary year.


Doniya Carlyle
Grade 3 Mango Teacher

Doniya finished her BA in Business Administration at the American Intercontinental University (AIC) in Los Angeles.

Following this she obtained an MBA degree in Business Administration, and received a PGEC: Post Graduate Education Certification for Teaching in Baltimore, MD. She has extensive experience teaching reading, writing, math, social studies and science for elementary leveled students as well as training adults in accounting and budgeting.

Her main hobbies are spending time reading, travelling, and dancing. She also enjoys spending time with her children.


Eman ElSayed
Arabic Teacher


Hanaa AbelAziz Aly Kotb
Arabic Teacher

Igor Michaleczek
French Teacher

Igor has graduated with a master in contemporary history and a second master in management of non profit organisations from the Université of Le Mans, France.

He has been involved with charities sector for number of years leading capacity building projects with local NGO in Togo and supporting education development for refugees in Thailand. He has also been teaching French as a second language in West Africa and Thailand.

Following his move to London where he had his qualification as a Modern Foreign Language Teacher, Igor has worked both in mainstream and independent schools teaching French and Spanish from elementary through to high school.

Igor is a keen traveller and enjoys meeting people of different culture. In addition to education he has a great interest in increasing access to quality education for deprived communities and refugees.

Inge Schlüer                                                   
Music Teacher

Schlüer finished her BA in Musical Arts (HONS), graduating at the top of her class at the University of the West Indies. Following this she obtained a M.Ed. in International Education at Framingham State University.

She is a well sort after violinist in Trinidad & Tobago and was treasured at her last school, (The International School of Port of Spain) for her contribution to the music program.

Her hobbies include travelling, Latin dancing, and performing on stage.

Jackie Carter                                                   

Jackie Carter received a Masters of Arts in Religion and Sanskrit Literature and taught at the University level before deciding her calling was in Librarianship. She completed a Masters of Information from the University of Toronto and has worked in a number of Library settings including Museums and Rare Book Libraries. Jackie has always had a passion for Information Literacy and Storytelling, which made the transition to Primary School Librarian an easy fit.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Jackie moved to Egypt in 2013 and now calls Cairo “home.” Jackie will never say “no” to an adventure, she loves exploring hidden spots around Egypt and beyond. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, scuba diving, snowboarding, and she recently started rock climbing. To unwind, Jackie likes to read, practice yoga, create art with her son, and make her apartment an oasis. She is also a bit of a “language collector,” Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic are the seventh and eighth languages she has studied, respectively.

Kimberley Hinkson
Grade 2 Burgundy Teacher

Kimberley finished her BA in English at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.Following this she obtained an MA degree in Multiple Subject Teaching at the University of Southern California in California, USA. She has experience teaching early primary and primary students as well as secondary English Literature and Language students.

Her main hobbies include reading, travelling and listening to music. She also enjoys keeping abreast of the latest local and international news and politics

Luke Salisbury
PE Teacher


Luke finished his BA in Physical Education and School Sport at the Edge Hill University, United Kingdom.

Following this he obtained Qualified Teacher Status in Secondary Education from Kirklees and Calderdale School Centered Initial Teacher Training, based in West Yorkshire, UK.

He has extensive experience of working with children from teaching Physical Education and working as a Teaching Assistant in the UK as well as working as a Camp Counsellor for a summer in the USA.

His main hobbies are playing a wide variety of sports including football and cricket, travelling and hiking.


Marwa Bakry

PreK Purple Teacher

Marwa has finished her Bachelor in English Language and Literature in 2007.

She started teaching during her university years’ summers, teaching summer camps children aged between 4-6 yrs. In 2010, she started her career as an early childhood educator at Creative Learning Center till August 2015, with children aged from 2 yrs till 4 yrs. During those 5 years, she enhanced her professionalism with extra studies on early childhood education, early literacy and classroom management, montessori, Reggio Emilia, behavioral challenges, child-parent kinds of attachment and school habituation, play therapy, and learning projects. In 2013 , she was promoted to a Head of Department. In September 2015, she joined Little Learner’s Academy as Head of Toddler’s department and Educational Coordinator till December 2016, during which, she started her selfstudy on High Scope curriculum. Marwa’s hobbies are reading, travelling, and painting.

In her free time she enjoys visiting galleries, museums, playing board games, rugby, and cooking.


Mona ElTiliawi
Prek Brown Teacher

Mona was born and raised in Sweden till the age of 10. She moved to Egypt and graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Arab Open University, which gave her time to follow her passion for teaching young students.

Mona started teaching at the age of 17 and her love of teaching grew and grew and to further follow her passion and support it with proper studies, Mona earned a Master Degree in teaching elementary stage from The College of New Jersey as well as attending different workshops, such as Curriculum Building, Concept Based Learning and Making the PYP happen (Through the IBO), jolly phonics, and some Montessori classes.

She’s taught in different schools in Egypt, national, International/American and special needs schools.

Myles Mangan
KG1 Orange Teacher

Myles finished her BA at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY for Education with an emphasis in Mathematics. From this experience, she worked with students in high needs schools both one-on-one and in a classroom setting. Myles has been working in a teaching capacity for over 10 years as a tutor and as a classroom teacher. Myles moved to Egypt in 2012 and has been working as a classroom teacher from KG1 to grade 3 ever since.

Myles’ main hobbies are reading, traveling, saying she’s going to learn Arabic, and attempting to learn the ukulele.


Nicola Jane Davies
Early Childhood Interim Vice Principal

Nicola finished her BA in Social Science, Politics and International Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University in England.

Following this she obtained a Financial Services Qualification in London and then completed a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course. Nicola also has a British Sign Language Level 1 Certificate.

She has extensive experience teaching Academic Writing, Listening, Speaking and Sports Coaching to both adults and children. She previously owned a Sports Development Company in England and a Tri-Lingual Nursery in Alexandria.

Her main hobbies are taking care of her family and pets, reading and laughing! She also enjoys any outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and sailing. Nicola has lived in Egypt since 2006, is married and has two children.

Onika Jones
Art Teacher

Onika completed a BA Honours in Fashion Design with University College for Art, Surrey UK in 2003, and a Postgraduate certificate in Education for Art and Design with Goldsmith University College of London in 2007.

Subsequently she spent a successful period working with London based designer Jenny Packham and then running her own ‘Made in UK’ Fashion design company.

Onika has 8 years of teaching and leadership experience in UK, UAE and Bahrain. She has also travelled extensively to many countries in Europe,South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Outside of work, Onika’s two daughters take precedence and when possible, sprint training, Netball or Hockey, Swing Jive dance and all things Design, Photography and Art capture her imagination.


Rebecca Beckum
Art Teacher

Rebecca Beckum is a seasoned educator and graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design. She has spent over thirteen years in education working in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and her home country, the United States. Rebecca has enjoyed teaching kids K-12 in Art, Drama, Music, ESL, English and Writing. She has also spent several years of her career working with children who have special needs and learning differences serving as the Director of a specialized school in the United States. Here she learned how important it is to recognize that every child learns differently. Rebecca implements a multi sensory teaching experience in her lesson plans that is based on a mindful approach to education. She seeks to build an environment that cultivates the imagination and encourages ambition. Rebecca works as a
freelance artist and writer when she is not a teacher. She believes in the power of positive thinking and the importance of living deliberately.


 Sarah Wagdy

KG1 Indigo Teacher

Sarah completed her BA at Breyer State University and then went through a four year training to earn her international teaching certificate with ADVANCED. She is currently working on her CDA (Child Development Credentials) in the U.S. She also has experience working with Lower ability children and getting them up to learning standards. As well as working with children who struggle with reading and phonics. She has extensive experience teaching from kg1 to grade 3 students. Focusing on phonics, reading, social skills, writing, language and grammar. Her main hobbies are traveling, swimming, running, reading as well as hiking and camping.


Salah Mohamed AbouHeif
Arabic Social Studies Teacher

Sally Awad
Grade 3 Green Yellow Teacher

Sally finished her BA from FIT in NewYork City. Following this she obtained a Masters in Education, with a focus on childhood education.

She has extensive experience teaching all major subjects to struggling students with which she has great success in moving them along academically and socially. She has worked as a classroom teacher for over 11 years in the New York City Public School system.

She is a strong believer in giving back to her community, and has started many community service projects to help the unfortunate while getting students involved.Her main hobbies are reading, listening to music, cooking and traveling. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming and spending time with her three children.

Susan Fuleki
KG2 Yellow Teacher

Susan finished her BA in Teaching English and Philosophy at the Science University of Eotvos Lorant in Budapest, Hungary. She participated in an internship program in Canada during college years and had obtained TESOL certificate with a diploma of teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners. She has 17 years of experience teaching Academic Writing, Listening and Speaking to graduate and undergraduate students from all over the world, and basically to all age groups.

Susan had experience in leading skills at organizations like Fischer Constructions in Hungary, Budapest as a Quality Manager, and at a reputable Hungarian school in the USA, New York as a Kindergarten Principal.

Her main hobbies are reading, travelling, using design programs like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and taking landscape pictures.

Suzette Smit
Grade 2 Sky Blue Teacher

Suzette completed her Teachers Training at the University of Pretoria, South Africa and qualified as a Primary School teacher. She has extensive teaching experience, working in both Primary and Secondary Schools in South Africa, and has also taught internationally in Egypt and Azerbaijan.

Her hobbies include reading, sewing, crocheting and knitting. She also enjoys travelling and camping with their Motorhome all over South Africa and in neighbouring Botswana and Namibia.

Tahani Hassan Moustafa
Arabic/Islamic Religion Teacher/Arabic Team Leader

Tahany comes from 14 years of experience in different international schools in teaching Arabic and Islamic religion. She has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Education.

Tahany attended several training related to the human development in class management and organization. Tahany also had participated in writing different scripts for shows and plays along with the general organization of events done in Arabic. Tahany worked before as an editor in the Nile Culture Channel .

Her main hobbies are reading and traveling.

Tonya Miller
Grade 2 Bubble Gum Teacher

Tonya finished her BA in Early Elementary Education at the University of Arizona, Phoenix .

She has extensive experience teaching grades K-3 in America and internationally. Her main hobbies are cooking, travelling, dancing, and swimming. She also enjoys beaches and fun aqua parks.

Trestan Peck
Music Teacher/Fine & Performing Arts Coordinator

Mr. Trestan earned his Bachelor’s in Music Education from Hayes School of Music and Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. He has a concentration in instrumental music education and trumpet performance.

Mr. Trestan is Licensed and Certified by the State of North Carolina in PreK – Grade 12. He has a great deal of experience in performing arts positions including dance, theater, voice-over, vocal performance, instrumental performance, and general music.

Mr. Trestan spends most of his free time playing music, and listening to music, and reading about music; but his other hobbies include clicking on Wikipedia links until he can’t remember what he was supposed to be researching, getting lost in foreign cities, and watching “The Nanny” reruns.

Yassin Ignacz

Science Teacher

Mr. Yassin earned his B.A. in Environmental Studies in 2004 at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. He wrote his senior thesis based upon a college-funded experiment on the microbial oxidation of methane gas and its relationship to global warming.

Following his initial degree, he obtained a single subject teaching credential at California State University Stanislaus and began his career teaching at schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has several years of experience teaching science to K-12 students including experience teaching students internationally.

When he is not working, his main hobbies are: reading, travelling, camping, and playing chess. He also enjoys cultural activities such as seeing plays, attending live musical performances, and visiting museums.