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Slimnastics Studio at Met

We are pleased and very excited to announce the start of a new partnership.After great deliberation we have brought on board Slimnastics, in order to revitalize our children’s extracurricular experience. At Metropolitan you and your children now have the accessibility to a new activity “Gymnastics” by Slimnastics. In their new Gymnasium at Metropolitan, with the state of the art equipment, they are ready and eager to receive you with open arms.

We look forward to this new journey and experience and thank you for your continuous trust in Metropolitan.

Slimnastics is the first private professional ballet school in Egypt, established in 2013.
Offering a wide variety of classes including aerobics (ladies only) held by certified professional instructors, gymnastics for girls and boys and known for their rigorous Ballet School curriculum supervised by Orlando Russian Ballet company in the US.
Slimnastics has 3 branches across Cairo with a goal to create an inviting space for women and children to positively change their lives through exciting activities.
Excited about this new stepping stone, we have teamed up with Metropolitan School to bring gymnastics teachings to a whole new level. With a state of the arts facility and equipment.

To contact Slimnastics regarding their services (fees &schedule) and to sign up your children for gymnastics, feel free to reach out through the following methods:

For more Information, please contact us on 01100626281, or via

Social Media: Facebook Page & Instagram Profile

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