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Egypt Day 2018

Metropolitan School’s mission is to deliver an outstanding International education while ensuring that Egyptian values are central to our school life. Our third annual ‘Egypt Day’ took place on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018. Our student confidently presented a unique performance under the name ‘Taya Misr” which showcased the students’ pride and knowledge about their Country Egypt! The day festivities continued with an outdoor Egyptian oriented themed celebration. A special ‘Made in Egypt’ Bazar was set up to showcase the school’s initiative to support the Egyptian economy by hosting and supporting most of the well-known Egyptian local brands/Industries that offered its products and services to our guests like ‘Abees factories’ for handmade carpets, ‘Corona’, ‘Honey Well’, ‘Lotus’, ‘Sugar Match’, ‘Spicy’, ‘Sima’, ‘Luna Cosmetic’s and many more! In addition to community service organizations as ‘Masr El Khair’ and ‘Egyptian Food Bank’. Oriental and folkloric themed shows was also part of the day and made the entire celebration unique with its Egyptian flavor.


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