Latest News

  • Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday and Thanksgiving Day

    On the occasion of celebrating both the Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday and Thanksgiving Day, Metropolitan School will be closed on Wednesday, 21 November and Thursday, 22 November 2018. We will resume our normal school working hours on Sunday, 25 November 2018. Tuesday, 20 November is a normal school day for all

  • Grade 5 Performance Task

    The Grade 5 performance task gave students a chance to work in small groups to compile their monologues and create a program. Throughout Unit 3, students worked with careful scaffolding to write and revise a monologue based on a character’s reaction to an event from Esperanza Rising. For the performance

  • Nutrition fights cancer workshop

    Thank you to our partners Twisted, Deers, powered by Compass, Nestle, Sekem, Dasani, 57357 and Beet It. who participated in an interesting workshop “Nutrition fights cancer” to discuss important nutritional facts for students and ideas for the ideal lunch boxes.

  • Grade 6 Gallery Walk of Greek Statues.

    Grade 6 Students have been reading the novel Percy Jackson. Parents and Students enjoyed going through the gallery and checking the statues who came to life to tell the audience about themselves.

  • Healthy Campaign

    We are happy to kick off our healthy campaign for 2018-19 under the vision of “Nutrition fights cancer” which will run from Sunday, November 11th to Thursday, November 15th 2018. During this week: -Each class will have their lunch boxes checked to make sure they are healthy. All the winners