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  • 925 “The 3B’s Workshop: How Metropolitan School Fights Bullying and Builds Empathy”

    925 “The 3B’s Workshop: How Metropolitan School Fights Bullying and Builds Empathy” 

  • Student-led conference

    During student-led conferences, the student and parents jointly participate in the reporting process.The parent typically listens to the student report about the progress that has been made.Work samples are used to illustrate growth and connect work with standards and expectations.Student-led conferences spotlight the most important person in the process, the

  • Metropolitan toy donations to an orphanage for special needs

    Early Childhood students at Met learned what a positive impact they can have on their community by participating recently in a toy donation project. Just prior to Winter Break, all EC students brought in toys from home that they no longer use anymore. They also brought in recycled bags, which

  • Oil Painting CCA

    During Oil Painting CCA, Students will understand the basics of Oil Painting, gain knowledge about the basic equipment needed for Oil Painting, learn the method of painting, learn a simple painting exercise to understand values, and how to use a brush for different painting effects.

  • 3Bs Workshop

    On February 4, 2019, select Met staff, and students from grades 6 and 7 participated in the “3Bs” workshop. Met also welcomed Hayah and African Hope to the event. In total, 121 people were in attendance. All participants were given the opportunity to participate in 30 different activities, talks and