Latest News

  • Pillars Workshop

    Recently, our G6 students participated in a three hour social-emotional learning workshop.The event was facilitated by Mr. Chris with the help of Met staff. The workshop included dancing, activities and presentations.The intention was to give participants an opportunity to take a “step outside their comfort zone” and learn new things

  • Anti-Bullying Campaign

    We believe that ‘Prevention is better than cure’.To build a generation with high self-confidence,a respectful, healthy relationships, lessons, plans and interactive activities should be included.Accordingly, we are applying : Anti-Bullying- Safe internet usage of School Prevention Program, Monday 6th to Thursday 16th November 2017 Be A Friend is Compiled By

  • Friendship Pie

    Students and their families were recently invited to participate in a “Friendship Pie” project. We are excited to announce, almost 100 projects were submitted and reviewed by Met staff! We chose 15 winners, they each received a certificate and get to experience a pizza party with our principal Mr. Markus.

  • Fall Festival 2017-18

    Thanks to our Lovely Met students and parents who attended our Fall Festival and played a major part in creating a happy and fun spirit to the day.        

  • Swim Meet

    Congratulations to students from Metropolitan,MES and Hayah who competed in the swimming competition.All who swam represented their schools fantastically.