Latest News

  • KG1 learning their names

    KG1 Working on name recognition with name art work, great job students!

  • Problem solving and Wheel of choices.

    KG2 Students were practicing problem solving and their choices from the wheel of choices. Great Job Students!

  • G2 Engineers

    Our engineers are using the design process to solve problems. How can we move confetti from one room to another? Our engineers made and redesigned envelopes, for some science fun. Good job G2!

  • Pre-K 1st day of school

    It was lovely to have the youngest members of the Met Community finally in school. Our Pre-K students have started their first day of school. With all the fun excitement of starting a new school, the young learners were welcomed with balloons and a cheerful environment that made their experience

  • First day of school

    Metropolitan School is happy to congratulate our KG1 – Gr.8 students on their first day of school. Welcome back to all our existing students and welcome on board to all the newstudents who joined the Met family this year. We are all excited for a wonderful start at Metropolitan School.