Latest News

  • New PreK Class

    Based on popular demand Metropolitan school opens the door of its 2nd PreK class.

  • “All the leaves are FALL-ing!” paintings at Grade 3

    Grade 3 will start their “All the leaves are FALL-ing!” paintings, using watercolors. Watercolors can produce extraordinarily beautiful and versatile art. Students will describe and analyze the elements of art (color, shape/form, line, texture, space, value) while using different watercolors techniques and color gradients.

  • Maracas and Bells at KG1

    KG1 Students learning to follow directions playing “Stop & Go” with maracas and bells.

  • Concrete poetry making in Grade 8

    Grade 8 students making concrete poetry about the papaya tree and fruit that they learned about in their novel “Inside Out & Back Again”. Great job grade 8!

  • Sock puppets making

    As part of their Toys and Play Unit, our KG2 students created their very own sock puppets. By using old socks and scraps of materials, the children were able to understand the meaning of recycling as well as experience how to make your own toys.