Latest News

  • AIS Tournament

    A select group of elementary students from Grades 1 to 5 were invited to take part in a Football fixture at the American International School (AIS). The students from grade 1 & 2 played in four rounds of six-a-side games, whilst the Grade 4 & 5 students competed in two

  • International Week

    Metropolitan Celebrated a “Country Dress up Day” during International Week. As an optional activity each class was encouraged to take learning several steps further in their exploration of a new culture by trying new cuisine, wearing different clothing, and even getting passport’s stamped as they visited other countries/classes. By exposing

  • Eco-Extravaganza Green Week

    Green Week is Met’s first initiative into becoming a certified Eco-School.The Eco-Extravaganza featured student works made from recycled materials. These works included sustainability installations, garments, ecological car designs, and biodiverse classrooms. Students got to take workshops from local Egyptian eco-entrepreneurs as Mobikia, Up-fuse and ElWarshah Handcrafts. Metropolitan students think globally

  • First Aid Session

    On March 7th, Metropolitan hosted its second Met Parents Coffee Morning.This session’s theme was ” First Aid”.It is emergency care given to an ill or injured person before professional medical aid arrives .First aid skills are useful at home, in the workplace,or in the public.The more first Aid -certified people there

  • School Football Tournament

    Metropolitan School competed in a tournament at Hayah Sports Academy.The boys and girls teams both gave their best in the competition.Everybody learned a lot about diversity,competition, and sportsmanship.We couldn’t be more proud of our talented students,and hope to compete again in the future.