Latest News

  • Mother’s Day

    Today, our students celebrated mother’s day with their Arabic teachers and created crafted paper bags with greeting cards. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • A swimming competition at Metropolitan School against AlHayah

    A swimming competition was held at Metropolitan School against Al Hayah. We are proud to announce that Nouh Zaki won 1st place in the 50 meter free style, 2nd place in the 50 meter backstroke, 2nd place in the breast stroke and 2nd place in the butterfly. Adam Soliman won

  • Met Sports Days

    It is time for Metropolitan School’s fourth annual Sports Days on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 (Pre-K to Grade 3) and Wednesday, March 13, 2019 (Grade 4 – Grade 7).The students will be rotatin through a variety of game stations and competing in a friendly and safe environment.

  • Grade 2 visiting The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

    Re-enforcing our student’s Egyptian values, second grade classes visited the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization last week where they had the opportunity to become familiar with Egyptian civilization through observing some photographic images, oil paintings, manuscripts and monuments. This visit was in preparation for the student’s play during Egypt Week.

  • Entrepreneurship Week

    Grade 2 Upenn had picked their company name which is The colorful Bookmarks and working on manufacturing their bookmarks. They also working on the company loga and slogan by making poster for advertisement. They had so much fum generating ideas about their company name. They learnt a lot about teamwork