Latest News

  • Summer Vacation!

    Happy Summer Holidays from all of us a Met! See you all back in September for another amazing year at Met!

  • Grade 4 initiative

    Grade 4 Yale students created and implemented projects to contribute to their communities. They organized a garbage clean up outside of the school and urged people to care for and respect the environment. They fought for animal rights and asked people to stop cruelty towards animals and show kindness to

  • Grade 4 Columbia Ban the use of single use plastics.

    Grade 4 Columbia Ban the use of single use plastics. Gr4 Students screened their film for the grade 5 and 6 classes and presented their ideas for how Metropolitan can reduce the use of single-use plastics. Great Job Grade 4!

  • “Deutscher klub” at Metropolitan School

    We are pleased and very excited to announce the start of a new partnership with “Deutscher klub” for German Summer Course at its premises now!

  • Science projects

    Science is simply a word, we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity .”  Tim Minchin. The kids enjoyed doing a lot of science projects during the science classes this year which enriches their imagination, pokes their curiosity to help them learn.