Latest News

  • SZ Basket Ball Academy At Metropolitan School

    Metropolitan School is soon announcing the opening of SZ basket ball academy, August 4th, at its premises Please check the link for more information. Stay tuned!!  

  • Slimnastics Studio at Met

    We are pleased and very excited to announce the start of a new partnership.After great deliberation we have brought on board Slimnastics, in order to revitalize our children’s extracurricular experience. At Metropolitan you and your children now have the accessibility to a new activity “Gymnastics” by Slimnastics. In their new

  • ” Together We Unite”/ Orphans Day

    Metropolitan’s community service committee put together a fun festival for 150 orphans. The festivals was named “Together We Unite” and in fact we did. Everything in the festival was donated by companies and school partners such as Hamleys, bricks for kids, Cinnabon, Antie Ann’s, Sitara, Sherry Cakes and so much

  • Pre K End of Year Assembly

    Pre K students have been watching previous school assemblies and looking forward to have their own. We chose a song about Summer as it is in June and that’s the first month of the Summer season and children are looking forward for their Summer vacation! The children enjoyed it a

  • KG2 Performance Task

    KG2 Students had their performance Task today. They read their Maple Trees stories to their parents, and were able to work with them on a questionnaire about different types of trees and the animals depend on. It was nice for the parents to come in to see what their children